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Protein is often a word we hear used regarding our diets when we are working out or are attempting to gain muscle tone –but protein can also be beneficial to our hair. 95% of our hair strands are made up of proteins, so it’s safe to say our hair is pretty receptive to protein rich treatments that will help protect and restore the strength of our tresses.

While eating a protein rich diet with foods such as lentils, beans and nuts is integral for strong, healthy hair growth –protein infused topical products are hugely beneficial too. Particularly for highly porous hair types that find it hard to hang onto moisture and are prone to breakage.

Depleted elasticity is also a sign your curls are in need of a protein treatment. When your curls are lacking elastin, it will look like they are losing their definition and shape when dry. Similarly, when the curls are wet and you are combing through leave in conditioners and styling products, you notice the damp strands do not bounce back to their original position.

Finding the right protein treatment can add serious amounts of lustre back into the hair, so you can achieve the glossy and defined curls you dream about. But you must tread with caution. Using too much protein on our hair can lead us back to square one and actually stiffen the hair, exacerbating the issue of breakage, which is why it’s so important to choose a protein rich product that is blended with softening, moisturising ingredients alongside the proteins-to keep our curls glossy and full of bounce.

The Curl Company’s Deep Conditioning Curl Masque contains the ultimate blend of plant derived proteins and luxurious, nutrient rich oils to ensure that dry and breakage prone curls are both strengthened as well as nourished. The Masque contains three types of Vegan protein from soy, corn and wheat which are combined with Moringa oil, one of the most nutrient dense oils on the planet, which benefits both the hair and scalp

To get the most out of this protein and nourishing oil infused formula, you only need to use this treatment once a week for around 15-minute son freshly washed hair. But if your hair is particularly prone to tangles and breakage, wrapping your Deep Conditioner coated hair in a warm towel or cotton wrap will help the proteins and oils penetrate into the hair shaft as deeply as possible before you rinse and style.

Making sure we are shampooing thoroughly, and often, is also really important when using protein treatments on our hair. Dirt, heavy styling products and grease can build up and actually prevent your conditioning products from working to their full potential. The Curl Company’s Sulphate Free Shampoo is the perfect choice to pair with the protein rich mask, as it is formulated to gently cleanse built-up product and dirt from the hair and scalp without further drying our curls out.

With this dynamic duo of cleansing products and protein infused formulas your curls will feel soft, glossy and most importantly, look healthy. To try out our protein rich and sulphate-free formulas for less, readers of this blog can get an extra 15% off when using the code PROTEIN15 at the checkout [Code expires 03/10/2020].


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