We are a curl dedicated brand with a range of products tailored to suit every curls’ needs.

Professionally formulated to lock in moisture, de-frizz and perfect with key curl-friendly ingredients Moringa and Meadowfoam Seed Oil.

Made in England and empowering curly women everywhere with products that help them to get the best from their natural curls, waves and coils, so that they embrace their natural texture!

Enhance, Define and Perfect your curls.


The Curl Company has had a Glow-Up! Our iconic pink packaging now highlights, in neon pink, the miracle ingredient in all of our hair treats.

Moringa oil is, and has been used, as a remedy for almost everything for thousands of years; but it is the unmatched effects it has on the hair that makes it perfect for all us curly girls (and boys). Packed full of vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids, Moringa oil is like a superfood for your scalp. It has been found to diminish dandruff, improve hair strength and soften brittle ends – What’s not to love?

Unlike many oils it will not sit on top of the skin and hair strands, weighing curls down –it absorbs quickly and effortlessly. Its non-greasy, lightweight feel will leave your curls looking bouncy, shiny, and most importantly, healthy. 

With our fabulous formulations and fancy new look, both your bathroom and your curls will look better than ever.

Head over to our brand new website now to fill up your basket and put the bounce back into your hair.