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If there’s one certainty in the world it is that the British weather, even in summer, is one of the most unpredictable animals of all time. From scorching hot days followed by thunderstorms and torrential rain in the evenings, our climate can be a nightmare when trying to care for curls.

But here at The Curl Company, we have innovative curl styling products that will not only protect your hair from humidity and flyaways but impart intense moisture to nourish the hair too so that no matter the weather your curls are held in place and are free from weather-induced frizz.

Just like all of our humidity defensive products are infused with our Professional Curlplex that contains Moringa oil and Meadowfoam Seed oil. Moringa oil is a hair superfood that is rich in vitamins and nutrients perfect for deeply nourishing the hair strand, smoothing the cuticle and protecting the hair’s cortex. The Curlplex formula is infused within gel or lotion bases that then seal in the moisture while blocking out the humidity in the hair.

So regardless of the weather outside you don’t have to worry about keeping your style in check and can relax in the summer sun or relax by the beach. But which of our products should you use to best suit your hair type?


For those of you with waves and loose curls, our Curl Lotion will be your best friend when it comes to keeping your wave looking sleek and defined. The lightweight lotion, although packed with oil-rich nutrients, will not weigh your hair down and block atmospheric moisture that leads to frizzy tresses.


If you have a tighter corkscrew curl the Crème Gel is the product for you. This creamy gel-based formula gives strong hold without the crunch to achieve bouncy and healthy-looking curls by locking in moisture and defending from changeable weather and humidity levels.


If your hair leans towards more of a kink and an extremely tight coil The Curl Company has not forgotten you. Our Anti-Humidity Curl Gel infused with Moringa is the ultimate in Anti-Humidity protection. Lay edges precisely and blocks out humidity with this Oil-in-Gel formulation that gives long-lasting hold, definition and protection from frizz.


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