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For many curly girls the Curly Girl Method is becoming more and more popular, particularly for type 3 and type 4 curl patterns.

The Curly Girl Method eschews classic shampoos in exchange for co-washes or conditioner washing, while leave in products are made without silicones and drying alcohols.

While the curly girl method might not be for everyone – The Curl Company has several products that are sulphate, drying alcohol, and wax-free so you can try it out for yourself with products you love and trust.

Here is our step by step guide to the perfect wash & go look.

Step 1: Co-Wash

Smooth and massage our Sulphate-Free conditioner through damp hair in the shower and leave to soak in for 2-5 mins while you wash the rest of your body – then rinse the conditioner out.

Step Two: Adding Moisture

Once you get out of the shower wrap your hair in an old t-shirt or microfiber towel to remove excess water, and then smooth our deeply nourishing leave-in conditioner through your curls, from root to tip. To make sure the product is evenly distributed; gently comb your hair through, from the bottom up, with a wide-tooth comb or flexible brush.

Step Three: Protection & Styling

Wavy Hair – For waves and looser curls, our Curl Lotion is the perfect choice to help lock in moisture and define curls. Simply smooth the Moringa oil rich lotion evenly through the hair and air dry, or diffuse as usual. (The lotion can also be used on coily hair types, on dry hair, to help smooth and define ends). 

For When You’re Battling Humidity -  Our Anti-Humidity Curl Gel is perfect for keeping curls extra defined and sealing in moisture on days where you know the weather will ruin your style. Scrunch this crunch-free formulation through damp curls and air dry or diffuse as usual.

Coily Hair – Here at The Curl Company we provide an option for every hair type – our Crème-Gel is loved by many of our 3C and type 4 curly girls as the crème-gel will provide crunch free hold while adding in rich moisture and nourishment from Moringa & Meadowfoam Seed Oils. You can also use this crème-gel on wet or dry hair to help refresh your style and lay baby hairs down.


Interested in trying this method for yourself? We have put together an amazing value bundle of every single one of our sulphate, drying alcohol, and wax-free products into an easy to use set, so you can experiment and see what works for your curls.

To shop our Bundle, click the below and get touchable soft, crunch-free curls ASAP!


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